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Minty Fudge

I came up with a new (to me) fudge that is very
good, I think. It's easy too! A real plus. First of all, prepare the pan. Place a piece of aluminum foil in an 8x8 or 9x9 pan with ends overlapping the end of the pan. Spray lightly with spray.

Minty Fudge

The recipe calls for:
3 c. chocolate chips
I used 2 c. semi-sweet and 1 c.
of Prepared Pantry's mint chips which
I had as a leftover
1 14-oz can condensed milk, like Eagle Brand

I heated these ingredients in an 8-cup Pyrex measuring bowl with a handle, in the microwave until the chips were almost melted and stirred extremely well so the fudge would be smooth.

My microwave oven is 1200 watts so I think it probably took approx. 2 minutes. Just be sure to watch the mixture. More than likely you will not see the chips melting, but they will hold their shape, so just heat until it is possible to stir the mixture and the chips will melt into the milk mixture.

When this has occurred,
take the mixture out of the microwave and add a dash of salt and approx. 1 tsp. of good vanilla. I also used approx 1 c. of lightly pre-toasted walnuts, which I cut into fairly coarse pieces. Add the nuts and stir until everything is well mixed together. Place into pan and let harden.

When fudge is firm turn out onto a cutting board and cut into small pieces; it's very rich. I think it's got just the right amount of mint flavor, not too minty. Thanks to the Prepared Pantry for good mint chips.

After cutting, I put the pieces into a tin and refrigerated it. I am sure it will keep for a long time if kept like this. I plan to share this with a few folks. Enjoy!
Barb in OKC


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