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Spiced Peaches Recipe

For the lady wanting the pickled peach recipe i have made this many times and is very easy and good.
Need to make up a few days ahead to allow flavors to mingle

Spiced Peaches Recipe

2 (28) oz cans peaches whole if you can find or halves , drained reserve syrup
1 cup sugar
2 TBSP mixed pickling spices ( more if you like real spicy)
1 cup vinegar
cheesecloth if desired

Fold or tie spices in cheesecloth if desired or mix in with remainder of ingredients

In heavy saucepot, mix sugar, spices and vinegar stir bring to a boil carefully add drained peaches. Bring back to a easy boil, turn heat off, cover and let sit until cool. Place peaches in canning jar and may have to add some reserved syrup to fill to top

IF using cheesecloth, put this in bottom of jar before adding peaches if desired. Pour he cooled liquid over peaches. Screw jar lid on, store in refrigerator for several days before serving to allow flavors to mingle. Turn jar upside down at least once a day. Serve chilled.
Sharon M

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