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Carrot Recipes for Athena

Carrot Recipes for Athena
For Athena in DE. These may not be as healthy as you want. We guarantee only that they taste good, & in both butter could be halved without messing up the finished product, especially if you are cooking for just one person. the first one is a find of my husband's.

Young Carrots in Lime Butter Recipe

8-10 slender carrots, scrubbed but not cut up
2 pinches sugar
Dash EACH salt & coarse pepper
2 T. butter
Zest & juice of l lime

In a 10" skillet, place carrots, sprinkle with sugar & salt; add just enough water to 3/4 cover carrots.

Quickly bring to a boil & cook on Medium High for 6 minutes; roll carrots over & cook 3 to 6 minutes more, covered. Carrots should be just tender. Drain. Add butter to skillet, squeeze lime halves over all; turn off heat, scatter on zest & dust with pepper. Toss carrots & serve to 2-3. Can be increased by half in a 12" skillet, usually, unless they are very long.


Paula Deen's Roasted Carrots for Oven or Grill Recipe

1/2 lb. carrot sticks, carrots scrubbed well before cutting
1 T. EACH plain olive oil & butter
1/2 tsp. EACH salt & sugar
1/4 tsp. EACH coarse pepper & garlic powder
1 stem snipped parsley

Toss carrots in oil, add seasonings & toss again. Roast in oven or closed grill on a flat pan in 1 layer till tender, about 30 minutes, at 350 (Medium). Add butter & parsley & toss once more.
Serves 2-3, easy to increase.
Marilyn in FL

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