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June-July 2017 Recipes

July 24, 2017  | Everyday Recipes
Easy and delicious printable easy recipes from our recipe family.  Recipes are made with ingredients found in most pantries.   

Everyday Recipes from Our Recipe Family.

Today's Recipes -  
- Sharon's Half and Half Ice Tea Recipe
- Sharon's Apricot Lemonade Recipe
- Sharon's Ice Tea Southern Style Recipe
- Sharon's Lemon Lime Ice Tea Recipe
- Lisa's Carrot Salad Recipe
- Lisa's Colorful Carrot Slaw Recipe
- Mary J's Diet Baked Apples Recipe
- Mary J's Strawberry Yogurt Pie Recipe
- Bush Family Iced Tea Recipe
- Mary J's Country Time Lemonade Pie Recipe
- Woodburn's Iced Tea Recipe
- Basic Lemonade with Simple Syrup Recipe
- Instant Pot Recipes
- Watermelon Sorbet Recipe Recipe
- One Pot Minced Beef Pasta Recipe
- Crockpot Cheesecake Recipe
- Hot Potato Salad Recipes
- Carrot Recipes for Athena


Requests, Replies and Tips
Reply to what happened to Judy Alaska
- Ideas and Recipes for Granny in Maine

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If you have any recipes, tips and questions to share NancyLand family of recipe members would love for you to share. Send your favorite tried and tested recipes to
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Recipes ingredients need to be in one column.  Instructions need capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and punctuation at the end of sentences. Remember to include the title of the recipe, number of servings, additional notes about the recipe, and your name within the message.
Nancy Rogers   

Everyday Recipes from Our Recipe Family. Everyday recipes made from ingredients found in most pantries.

Sharon's Half and Half Ice Tea Recipe

1 c. lemonade (I prefer Pink Lemonade)
1 c. iced tea

Combine lemonade and iced tea in a tall glass, stir. Pour over ice cubes.
Makes 1 tall glass
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Sharon's Apricot Lemonade Recipe

1-6 oz. can lemonade concentrate
1-12 oz (1-1/2 c.) apricot nectar
1-12 oz. (1-1/2 c.) pineapple juice
1 c. ginger ale

To lemonade, add 1 can water. Combine with fruit juices and ginger ale. Serve cold.
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Sharon's Ice Tea Southern Style Recipe

3 family size tea bags
2 c water
1 c sugar

Place water and tea bags in a saucepan, bring to boil. Boil for 3 minutes. Mix sugar into hot mixture. Pour into a gallon pitcher filled 3/4 with cold water. The amount of sugar may be adjusted according to taste. For unsweetened tea, just omit the sugar.
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Sharon's Lemon Lime Ice Tea Recipe
Makes 1 gallon.

6 small tea bags
4 cups boiling water
2 cups sugar
1 small can frozen lemonade
1 small can frozen limeade
10 cups cold water

Steep tea bags in boiling water for 5 minutes. Add sugar; stir until dissolved. Add limeade and lemonade, then cold water.
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Lisa's Carrot Salad Recipe

1 lb. lg. carrots
3 T. golden raisins
2 tsp. fresh lemon juice
1 T. extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste

Grate the carrots in food processor. In a medium bowl, combine carrots, raisins, mint, lemon juice, and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Toss well.
Lisa TX
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Lisa's Colorful Carrot Slaw Recipe

3 carrots, peeled and grated
1/2 c. radishes, grated
1 c. celery, grated
1/4 c. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. sugar

Mix all ingredients; chill for 1 hour. Before serving add 1 teaspoon olive oil.
Lisa TX
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Mary J's Diet Baked Apples Recipe

4 baking apples
1 c. diet 7-Up
cinnamon (I use several red hots candies)

Core and cut apples in half. Place cut side down in baking dish. Pour soda over apples. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 - 40 minutes.
Mary J
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Mary J's Strawberry Yogurt Pie Recipe

2 (8-oz) containers vanilla yogurt
1 (8-oz) container cool whip - thawed
2 c. sweetened, diced or sliced, strawberries
1 (9-in) graham cracker crumb crust or pie shell

Fold yogurt into whipped topping, blending well; fold in strawberries. Spoon into crust. Freeze until firm (4 hours or overnight). Remove from freezer 30 minutes before serving and keep chilled in refrigerator. Garnish with additional strawberries.
Mary J
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Mary J's Country Time Lemonade Pie Recipe

1/3 c. Country Time Lemonade, strawberry or raspberry lemonade flavor drink mix
1/2 c. water
1 pt. (2 c.) vanilla ice cream, softened
8 oz. Cool Whip whipped topping, thawed
1 prepared Nabisco Honey Maid graham pie crust (6 oz. or 9 in.)

Stir drink mix and water until dissolved.Beat lemonade mixture and ice cream in large bowl with electric mixer on low speed until blended. Gently stir in whipped topping until smooth. Freeze until mixture mounds, if necessary. Spoon into crust. Freeze 4 hours or overnight until firm. Let stand at room temperature 15 minutes or until pie can be cut easily. Garnish with lemon slices. Store leftover pie in freezer.
Makes 8 servings.
Mary J
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A lot of our members have asked what software I use for organizing my person recipes. 
Nancy Rogers

I use Home Cookin' software for my personal recipes.
For a free 2 week trial of this software, Click Here

Bush Family Iced Tea Recipe

16 cups water
7 tea bags
4 sprigs fresh mint leaves
Juice of 3 lemons (2/3 cup)
1 can(6 oz.) frozen orange juice
1/3 cup superfine sugar

Bring 8 cups water to a boil. Remove from heat. Add tea bags & mint. Let steep 5 min. Remove & discard bags and mint. Add remaining water, lemon juice, orange juice & sugar. Refrigerate until chilled.
Athena n DE
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Woodburn's Iced Tea Recipe
(Woodbury is the Governor's mansion in Dover, DE)

Juice of 6 oranges
1 cup sugar
1 cup Sugar Twin
lots of fresh spearmint
1 lemons, sliced
1/2 cup loose tea
1 1/2 gallon boiled water

Pour all ingredients in a bowl & let sit for a couple hours. Strain well & refrigerate.
Athena in DE
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Refrigerator Brewed Iced Tea to make 1/2 gallon

Place 8 tea bags in a1/2 gallon jar. Fill with cold water. Cover. Refrigerate 3 hours.
Remove tea bags; stir. Serve over ice.
Athena in DE

Basic Lemonade with Simple Syrup Recipe
Someone requested lemonade made with simple syrup. Lemonade with simple syrup won't require a stir all the time like granulated sugar.

Simple Syrup Recipe

2 C water
1 C sugar

Place in saucepan on medium heat. Bring to a boil stirring to dissolve the sugar.
Reduce heat and keep at simmer for 5 - 10 min. Let cool or refrigerate.


Basic Lemonade

1 C fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 C cold water
1 simple syrup recipe, cooled.

Mix. Adjust sweetness by adding more lemon juice or less sugar.

Athena in DE (Note! Use frozen lemonade, slice a lemon crosswise and plunk the slices in the pitcher and let them steep in the lemonade or squeeze lemon juice in the pitcher , then toss in the used lemon halves. It's the rind flavor that adds the zing! You can fish them out before serving.)
Athena in DE
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Instant Pot Recipes
Here are two Instant Pot recipes for Marlene. Please share your favorite recipes as you use your Instant Pot.
Robbie IN

Instant Pot Honey Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

6 boneless chicken thighs
2 green bell peppers, chopped
1 large yellow onion, chopped
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons honey
3 cloves garlic, peeled
pepper to taste

Place chicken in the Instant Pot(R) and cook for 10 minutes on the 'Manual' setting. Release pressure naturally according to manufacturer's instructions.
Set the pot to 'Saute' and add green bell peppers, yellow onion, soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, garlic, and black pepper. Cook until most liquid is evaporated, vegetables are soft, and chicken is no longer pink in the center, about 15 minutes. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the center should read at least 165 degrees F
Robbie IN


Instant Pot Hard Cooked Eggs Recipe


You Will Need
Steam rack and/or steamer basket
Canning lids or metal cookie cutters

Pour 1 cup water into the pot and position a steamer basket or trivet atop the steam rack. Place 3-5 eggs, using canning lids or metal cookie cutters to separate/hold the eggs.
Close lid and steam valve. Press Steam setting, and adjust time down to 5 minutes.

At end of cycle, place a cool cloth on the lid and quick release the steam valve. Use tongs to transfer eggs to a cold water bath for 1-2 minutes.
Peel and enjoy.
Robbie IN
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For Pat MO who inquired about Judy Alaska, several months ago she shared that she was experiencing major health issues that would prevent her from continuing her regular participation with the newsletter. I agree her recipes were always great ones.
Robbie IN

Watermelon Sorbet Recipe Recipe
Yield Makes about 1/2 gallon

3 cups water
1 cup sugar
4 cups seeded, chopped watermelon
1/4 cup lime juice

Bring 3 cups water and sugar just to a boil in a medium saucepan over high heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat. Cool.

Process sugar syrup and watermelon, in batches, in a blender until smooth. Stir in lime juice. Cover and chill 2 hours.

Pour mixture into the freezer container of a 1-gallon ice-cream maker, and freeze according to manufacturer's instructions.
Anna in Sweden
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There are occasions when I just don't feel like cooking and as there are now numerous pasta dishes available in the cool section of most Supermarkets, hate to admit I have tried a few over the last few years, but they are pricey and always need extras added. This dish is simple, cheap and most of us have the ingredients already. I've used minced lamb, turkey and even sausage meat in place of the minced beef. I have also adapted it recently and make it in a Crockpot/slow cooker. Everyone loves it especially our grandkids who practically hoover it in.

One Pot Minced Beef Pasta Recipe
(Ample for 4, but would serve 6 if accompanied with plain crusty or garlic bread and salad)

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 small yellow onion, diced
1 pound minced beef
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 cups beef stock (see note)
8 ounces mezze penne (or small pasta shapes)
1(15 ounce) can tomato sauce
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
Grated cheddar cheese, for garnish (optional)

Heat the olive oil in a large pot or pan over medium heat. Add the onions and cook until the start to soften, about five minutes. Add the garlic and ground beef, using a spatula to break it up as it cooks. Add the salt and vinegar, and scrape up any browned bits that have collected on the bottom of the pan. Add the tomato paste and stir until it’s melted into the beef.

Add the beef stock and bring it to a boil. Add the pasta and press it into the liquid so it’s covered. Let it all simmer for about twelve minutes or so until the pasta almost cooked through and most of the liquid as been absorbed.

Add the tomato sauce, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and parsley and stir. Bring it to a simmer and let it all cook together, stirring so it doesn’t stick to the bottom, until the pasta is cooked through, another five minutes or so. Serve with grated parmesan or your favourite cheddar cheese.

Note referred to: be sure to taste as you go as all Beef Stocks vary with seasoning and make any necessary adjustments.

(='.'=) Sylvia in Scotland

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Crockpot Cheesecake Recipe

Cooking spray, for pan
3/4 c. graham cracker crumbs
3 tbsp. melted butter
1/2 c. plus 1 tbsp. sugar, divided
1/2 tsp. kosher salt, divided
2 x 8-oz. blocks cream cheese, softened
2 large eggs
1/3 c. sour cream
1 tbsp. all-purpose flour
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Grease a 6" springform pan and wrap tightly with two layers of foil. In a 6-quart slow cooker, pour 1" water. Crunch up and create a foil circle and place inside crockpot/slow cooker as a rack.

Make crust: In a large bowl, stir together graham cracker crumbs, butter, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Press into greased pan and set aside.

Make filling: In a large bowl using a hand mixer or in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat cream cheese and remaining 1/2 cup sugar until fluffy. Add eggs, sour cream, flour, vanilla, and remaining 1/4 tsp. salt and beat until combined.
Pour filling over crust. Top crockpot/slow cooker with three layers of paper towels and lid.
Cook on high for 2 hours, then turn off heat and let stand 1 hour.
Remove cheesecake from slow-cooker and remove foil from pan. Refrigerate until completely chilled, at least 4 hours and up to overnight.

(='.'=) Sylvia

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I found this recipe and it sounds like it would be good, but it was written without accurate measurements on a piece of paper. Does anyone have a recipe like it that gives a better idea of amounts needed? The comments in parenthesis are mine.

Pineapple Coconut Pie Recipe

1 small can crushed pineapple, undrained (My cans are 20 ounces which can't be considered small)
1 small can angel flake coconut ( I buy coconut in a plastic bag)
4 eggs, lightly beaten
1 stick melted butter (1/2 cup)
1 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar, lightly packed.

Mix well and pour into two unbaked pie shells. Bake at 300 degrees for 40 minutes.
Nana in SE Ohio

Hot Potato Salad Recipes
This is for Shirley in the July 13, 2017 newsletter.

Hot Potato Salad Recipe #1

2 lbs. boiling potatoes or any type of white potato
3 T red wine vinegar
6-8 slices bacon
1 med. onion chopped (about 1/2 cup)
salt, pepper, garlic pepper to taste

Put potatoes in a large pot of salted water. Bring to a boil and cook til tender, 30-40 minutes. Drain. When cool enough to handle, peel and cut into chunks. Cook bacon in a large frying pan til crisp; drain on paper towels and crumble. Measure the bacon fat and all the oil to make 1/2 cup; return to pan. Cook the onion in the fat til tender. Add the vinegar, 1 tsp. salt, 1/2 tsp. pepper, and garlic powder to taste. Bring to a boil and cook one minute. Immediately pour the entire contents of the pan over the potatoes and toss to coat. Add the crumbled bacon. Taste for seasoning and add more salt, pepper, and garlic powder, if needed. Serves 6.


Hot Potato Salad Recipe #2

4-6 slices bacon, cut up
2 cans, 16 oz. each sliced potatoes, drained
1/4 tsp. salt
1 med. onion, chopped (about 1/2 cup)
1/4 cup vinegar, red or white
1 T sugar or Splenda
1/8 tsp pepper
garlic powder

Cook bacon in 10 inch skillet over med. heat til crisp. Remove with slotted spoon; drain. Cook and stir onion in bacon fat til tender. Stir in bacon and the remaining ingredients. Cook uncovered stirring occasionally til potatoes are hot and sauce is thickened, about 5 minutes. garnish with parsley, if desired. Serves 6.
No name included with recipe
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Ideas for Granny
For Granny Maine, wanting ideas for involving her grandkids in cooking I hope you have seen all the great recipes in the past few days newsletters for Popsicles, pudding cackles, fudge sickles and ziplock ice-cream. They could also help make deviled eggs, assisting with timing the eggs, peeling the shells, mashing the cooked yolks, mixing in the other ingredients and filling them. Kids always enjoy making cookies, candy, cakes and other sweet treats. Here are two recipes kids usually enjoy. Both are from previous newsletters.
Robbie IN

Dinner in a Cone Recipe

Make flour tortilla cones by making foil shaped cones out of Reynolds Wrap foil. Mist tortillas w/ water and wrap around foil cone. Wrap a thin strip of foil around middle of cone to hold in place. Bake at 300* for 25 minutes or so until toasted.

Meanwhile, mix:
1 cup chopped cooked chicken
1/3 cup corn (frozen or grilled)
1/4 cup chopped scallions
2 T Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (or your favorite brand)
Set to the side and in another bowl mix"
2 cups finely shredded lettuce or cabbage ( I use Romaine)
1/4 cup thin sliced red onion
2 T minced green apple
2 T mayo
1 t. cumin

Mix all well. Alternate filling ones with chicken and veggies. May sprinkle with cheese if desired. Makes for a fun picnic lunch especially for younger kids. My sister skips the making of the cones and just uses ice cream cones ( the cake ones, not sugar) but I don't think they taste as good.
Lisa East TX


Sandwiches on a Stick Recipe

1 Italian or French loaf (Whole wheat is always my preference but I wanted everyone to eat these, so I caved and got white. You’ll be braver!)
25 cubes of cheddar cheese (I chopped my own, using a regular block of cheese but they’re available in packages)
25 cubes of Swiss cheese (ditto)
1 pack turkey deli meat (I like then “uncured” kind without nitrates)
1 pack ham deli meat (ditto)
1 jar of small kosher dill pickles
25 cherry tomatoes
25 bamboo skewers

Get organized, setting up an assembly line for yourself. First cube the bread and cheeses. Those should all have their own pile. Slice the deli meats into strips and roll them up individually, making two more piles. Chop the pickles into about 3 pieces per pickle. Set out the skewers and tomatoes.
Decide the order and arrange your ingredients that way, starting with the sticks. Slide a piece of bread on first, followed by the other fillings, then finish with another piece of bread.

Cheese and Sizing Note:
The cheddar cheese was softer and harder to not split on the skewers. My advice is to cut up a complete skewer full of ingredients and try sliding everything on a stick. Then you’ll know whether you have the right sizes of everything.

Timing Note:
These don’t store overnight very well (bread usually gets a little hard) but in a pinch you could assemble them ahead of time OR just get all your ingredients chopped, rolled, separated, etc. the night before and store separately in the fridge (except the bread). It only takes about 10 minutes to put 25 of them together. makes 25+ sandwiches
Marion Atlanta
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Carrot Recipes for Athena
For Athena in DE. These may not be as healthy as you want. We guarantee only that they taste good, & in both butter could be halved without messing up the finished product, especially if you are cooking for just one person. the first one is a find of my husband's.

Young Carrots in Lime Butter Recipe

8-10 slender carrots, scrubbed but not cut up
2 pinches sugar
Dash EACH salt & coarse pepper
2 T. butter
Zest & juice of l lime

In a 10" skillet, place carrots, sprinkle with sugar & salt; add just enough water to 3/4 cover carrots.

Quickly bring to a boil & cook on Medium High for 6 minutes; roll carrots over & cook 3 to 6 minutes more, covered. Carrots should be just tender. Drain. Add butter to skillet, squeeze lime halves over all; turn off heat, scatter on zest & dust with pepper. Toss carrots & serve to 2-3. Can be increased by half in a 12" skillet, usually, unless they are very long.


Paula Deen's Roasted Carrots for Oven or Grill Recipe

1/2 lb. carrot sticks, carrots scrubbed well before cutting
1 T. EACH plain olive oil & butter
1/2 tsp. EACH salt & sugar
1/4 tsp. EACH coarse pepper & garlic powder
1 stem snipped parsley

Toss carrots in oil, add seasonings & toss again. Roast in oven or closed grill on a flat pan in 1 layer till tender, about 30 minutes, at 350º (Medium). Add butter & parsley & toss once more.
Serves 2-3, easy to increase.
Marilyn in FL

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