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Peggy's Dressing for fresh fruit salad

On Wed 7/12/2017 one of the newsletter members requested

Peggy's Dressing for fresh fruit salad
There several mixtures I have used:

1. Honey with a few drops of vanilla added and thinned with lime juice to desired consistency. I have used this on cut up watermelon and cantaloupe mixed together (scoop out the shell from half the watermelon and use that as your serving dish).

2. Softened cream cheese with a few drops of vanilla thinned with fruit juice such as pineapple juice or maraschino cherry juice mixed to desired consistency

3. Some maraschino cherry juice (not too much) mixed in the fruit, if you add pineapple tidbits include some of the pineapple juice as well, sprinkle with granulated sugar, let it set and sugar will dissolve in the juice. Stir before serving.
This last one is the one my Mother used for our Christmas fruit salad every year so my memory thinks that's the way it's supposed to be!
Peggy in Lubbock

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