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Basic Ice Cream

2 cups of heavy cream
1 cup of whole milk
3/4 cups of granulated sugar.

These three ingredients are all that's needed for
basic ice cream.


The fun comes in creating flavors. If you want vanilla, you can substitute the whole milk with vanilla milk, or add in vanilla extract to taste.

Same goes when I make coconut ice cream for my friend. I substitute the whole milk with coconut
milk, then add in cocount extract to taste. coconut milk can be purchased in cans in the grocery store. It is a great flavor that you won't find most places.

I've made chocolate with the same switch of milk flavors.

Maple Walnut
To make maple walnut, follow the above, add in maple extract, then walnuts. You can make
strawberry that way too.

Flavor and Fun Variations
You can also add in chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, even mini M&M's in your homemade batch.

When making home made ice cream, only your imagination is the limits.

Submitted by Diane in Fitchburg, Mass.
Printed in Nancy's Kitchen Newsletter 6/07/05

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