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Chocolate Wafer Ice Cream Sandwiches
About 22 servings

1-1/2 pints (3 cups) (680 g) low-fat (98% fat-free)
frozen chocolate yogurt (could also use

vanilla or strawberry frozen yogurt)
1 9-ounce (270 g) box Nabisco Famous Chocolate wafers
2 cups (226 g) grape nuts cereal

Slightly soften the yogurt by taking it out of the freezer for about 10 minutes. Line a shallow metal pan with aluminum foil. Using a 1-tablespoon (15 ml) ice cream scoop place two scoops of the frozen yogurt on a chocolate wafer. Top with another wafer, pressing the wafers together slightly to force the frozen yogurt to the edges. Turn the "sandwich" on its edge and roll in the
grape nuts.

Place the sandwich in the prepared pan. Quickly repeat, making all 22 sandwiches. Freeze the sandwiches until frozen solid. (This may be done a day or so ahead). Wrap each frozen

sandwich individually in foil or plastic wrap. Keep frozen until ready to serve. Take the sandwiches out of the freezer just before serving; pile into a bowl, set over a bed of ice, and serve, letting each guest unwrap their own serving.

Posted by Marilynn, chief_cook2 on May 1, 2003

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