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Oreo Ice Cream Cake

1 pkg. ladyfingers
1 gal. vanilla ice cream
crushed Oreo cookies
whipped cream

Place ladyfingers around inside of a spring-form pan. Spoon 1/2 gallon ice cream evenly into pan, being sure to pat down ice cream. Remove creamy center of Oreo cookies and crust wafers (or, if you prefer, you may crush cookies whole).

Sprinkle crushed cookie crumbs evenly over 1st layer of ice cream. Spoon remaining 1/2 gallon of ice cream over crumbs, again being sure to pat down evenly. Top with whipped cream and decorate by sticking whole Oreo cookies or cookie crumbs into whipped cream. Place in freezer until ready to serve (at least 3 hours).

When ready to serve, remove side of springform pan and pour chocolate syrup over each cut slice.

Note: This recipe is easily adaptable to your own personal favorites. For example, if you prefer a butterscotch flavor, you may substitute butterscotch ice cream for the vanilla and butterscotch morsels for the crushed Oreo cookies. Substitutions may also be made to obtain a strawberry or peanut butter flavor.

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