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3 pt. chocolate ice cream, slightly soft
1 pt. pistachio ice cream, slightly soft
2 pt. vanilla ice cream, slightly soft
1/2 c. candied mixed fruits
2 tsp. rum flavoring
1 1/2 c. heavy cream, whipped

Place a 2 1/2 quart melon mold in freezer. In large bowl, with portable electric mixer, beat the chocolate ice cream until smooth, but not melted. With spoon, quickly press
evenly inside the chilled melon mold, to make a 1-inch thick layer. Freeze until it is firm. In medium bowl, beat the pistachio ice cream until smooth. Then press evenly over
chocolate ice cream layer. Freeze until firm. In large bowl, combine the vanilla ice cream, candied fruits and rum flavoring; beat until well blended but not melted.
Press into center of mold. Freeze until firm.

To Unmold: Let spumoni stand at room temperature 5 minutes. Invert over serving plate. Hold hot, damp dishcloth over mold and shake to release. Return to freezer until the surface is firm. Spread 3/4 of whipped cream over mold. Place remaining whipped cream in pastry bag with decorating tip, and pipe on mold decoratively. Return to freezer until serving time.
Makes 16 to 20 servings

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