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Tomato Soup #2

One quart can of tomatoes, three pints of milk, a large tablespoon of flour, butter the size of an egg, pepper and salt to taste, a scant teaspoon of soda. Put the tomato on to stew and the milk in a double boiler to boil, reserving, however, half a cupful to mix with the flour. Mix the flour smoothly with this cold milk, stir into the boiling milk, and cook ten minutes. To the tomato add the soda, stir well and rub through a strainer that is fine enough to keep back the seeds. Add butter, salt and pepper to the milk, and then the tomato. Serve immediately. A little whipped cream added when serving improves this. If half the rule is made stir the tomatoes well in the can before dividing, as the liquid portion is the more acid. Mrs. II. E. King.

The Malone Cookbook 1917

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