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1 banana, sliced in half the long way
Vanilla pudding already made like for a pie
Chocolate pudding, already made like for a pie
Cheesecake pudding already made like for a pie
Canned pineapple (the kind that is shaped like stars)
Fresh strawberries
Chocolate syrup
Whipped topping
Nuts or granola

Put the banana in a long dish or a long bowl. My mom bought us banana split dishes. Put a scoop of each pudding between the banana slices. Be sure to make the pudding using the pie filling recipe or it will run together. Top all of this off with the fruit slices and syrup,whipped topping and cherry. Don't forget the cherry! You can put some nuts or granola on top of this. It is delicious!!!!! My mom has us kids make Up the pudding ahead of time so we always ready for a SUPER TREAT THAT'S FUN TO MAKE AND EAT.