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Sun Dried Tomato Basil Popcorn

3/4 cup Popping corn
2 tablespoons Corn oil
2 Garlic cloves, split
2 tablespoons Olive oil
Dash Salt
12 Finely chopped basil leaves
1/4 cup Grated aged provolone
6 Finely chopped oil-cured sun dried tomatoes
1 tablespoon Oil from the tomatoes

Heat oil on high heat until the oil smokes. Add 1 corn and heat until kernel pops. Add cloves of garlic and the rest of the popping corn, cover gently until corn starts to pop. Shake until popping subsides. Remove from garlic. Toss popcorn with provolone, salt, chopped basil, and sun dried tomatoes. Toast in 250 degree oven for at least 3/4 hour.


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